The Original Crafters - Napa Valley Water Purification Addition

About TOC

The Original Crafters (TOC) is a General Contracting firm that builds everything from custom homes to remodeling and additions to light commercial work. We focus on producing high quality work combined with providing caring service to our clients. We employ highly skilled carpenters and subcontractors to create a team that focuses on quality workmanship and attention to detail. And, we consistently source building materials from reputable and knowledgeable suppliers such as Truitt and White Lumber. 

Project of the Month

In 2014, The Original Crafters built an addition to an accessory building in the Napa Valley. The purpose of this addition is to house a water purification plane, which purifies the well water that draws from the Napa Valley Aquifer. In addition to the building there was a considerable amount of infrastructure work that needed to be done such as installing two 2,500 gallon storage tanks, running hundreds of feet of plumbing pipe, etc. The planning department requested that we build a trellis structure to conceal the storage tanks from view, as you can see in the pictures. 

The project was designed by Bennett Christopherson, a highly respected architect here in the Bay Area. He designed the original accessory building which is clad in stone, and you can see where on the addition that he used horizontal wood siding which blends well with the stone and is the siding type that exists on the main house. The directive from the owner was to keep the addition low profile but endow it with rich architectural values.

Project Photos: