Friedman Brueggemeyer - Berkeley Hills Home

About the House

Set on the steep slope of the Berkeley Hills, the extensively remodeled house looks out towards the San Francisco Bay. Original floor-to-ceiling windows from when the house was built circa 1927 took advantage of the views, and adding new French doors and a deck bring the living space even further out into the treetops. A trapdoor in the deck opens to a playful rope ladder descending to the yard below, which borders Berkeley's Rose Garden. 

In the kitchen the owners wanted the appearance of furniture in an open room. To accomplish this, the fridge, pantry, and cabinets are set into a long interior wall, leaving the room free to house three long tables: two that accommodate the sink, range, oven, and extra storage, and one that serves as the dining table. Plumbing, gas, and electric run inside the legs of the island tables, and plugs are hidden on the underside of the work surface.

To accommodate a large collection of books, an entire wall of built-in shelves was designed for the living room. Rather than fill a blank wall, the shelves wrap around the two doorways leading into the room, giving the openings a portal feel. 

In the master suite, removing the closet made way for a spacious bathroom with walk-in shower, and built-in wardrobes in the bedroom serve as closet space. Rather than detract from the space, the sloped ceiling in the bathroom and existing windows were highlighted as design features. 

A simple color and materials palette were chosen to tie the house together, allowing the unique furniture and adornments that were handpicked or created by the owners to take center stage. The remodel was a joint effort between FB Design Build and the owners, who had a hand in designing each element of the home. 

About FB Design Build

FB Design Build has more than 30 years of experience with residential and commercial projects, and has worked on over 500 projects in the East Bay. All jobs come from word-of-mouth, a testament to our quality construction and client satisfaction. Projects range from small to large, remodel to new construction, traditional to forward-thinking.

As a Design/Build firm, our team innately collaborates to streamline the design and construction process, making designing your home or workspace the joy it should be. Over the years we've developed lasting relationships with specialty subcontractors and highly skilled tradespeople, allowing us to directly ensure quality throughout all stages of the project. 

Our firm is small enough to give personal service, and we focus on exceptional quality and detail that make all the difference.



Project Photos: 
FB Design Build - Rose Garden Living Room
FB Design Build - Rose Garden Hallway
FB Design Build - Rose Garden Kitchen
FB Design Build - Rose Garden Master Bath
FB Design Build - Rose Garden Deck