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As the green remodel and retrofit markets gain momentum, more homeowners are asking for windows and doors that promise energy efficiency, durability, comfort and beauty. To answer this call, Truitt & White offers the unparalleled quality and value of Marvin Windows and Doors.

Since 1912, Marvin windows have been made-to-order and built to last with uncompromising fit and finish. In all their products, Marvin strives to "capture classic details and historical design features. To tirelessly pursue more innovative design. To discover new ways of enhancing performance. And to create windows and doors that are truly built around you." 

For better energy efficiency and performance, the collection utilizes Low E II glass, a second-generation argon shield that effectively retains heat in winter and blocks solar rays in summer. Marvin also offers a variety of energy-efficient glass options including LoE2--272®, LoE3--366® and High-R Tripane--so there is a glass option for any need. Many Marvin window products already meet or exceed federal Energy Star guidelines.

Visiting the display in the Marvin Design Gallery, customers can learn more about the various products within Marvin's Ultimate Casement Collection, such as the Awning, Picture Window, Push Out, and Replacement styles. For example, with the easy-to-use hardware of the Push Out model, the window can be "pushed" out and rotated, allowing you to safely and conveniently wash both sides of the glass. This novel component eliminates the need for ladders and scaffolding, as well as the inherent risks of washing second- and third-story windows.

Below are some of the most popular Marvin windows from Truitt & White. 

Marvin's Ultimate Collection: High-Performance Replacement Windows

"Marvin's Ultimate Casement Collection represents a forward-thinking approach to window design," says Marvin product specialist Victor Vandenburg. "It mixes energy-saving technology with exceptionally practical features like the rotating Push Out model." 

Marvin Casements & Awnings

Ultimate Casement: A great choice for new construction as well as remodeling, with traditional style. Features the Marvin exclusive wash mode.

Ultimate Replacement Casement: Marvin's newest replacement window is ideal for window replacement, remodeling or new construction applications. Features the Marvin exclusive wash mode.

Ultimate Pushout Casement: Designed for use in new construction, remodeling or complete window replacement. Features the Marvin exclusive wash mode.

Ultimate Pushout Replacement Casement: Provides a solution for window replacement, remodeling and new construction applications. Features the Marvin exclusive wash mode.

Ultimate French Casement: Has no center stile or vertical post, making it ideal to enjoy a wide-open view. Can be used in new construction or window replacement applications.

Marvin Double Hung

Ultimate Double Hung: Marvin's popular, versatile, state-of-the-art Double Hung window.

Ultimate Insert Double Hung: A beautiful alternative to vinyl replacement windows.

Tilt Pac Double Hung Sash Replacement System: A sash replacement option is perfect for when the frame of a double hung window is in good condition, but the sash or hardware need replacement.

Ultimate Double Hung Magnum: This Magnum double hung window is designed for oversized openings--it goes as large as 5 1/2' x 10 1/2'.

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