Roger Murray Retires After 33 years at Truitt & White

After 33 years at Truitt & White, it could be said that Roger Murray is well versed in the “ins and outs” of the door and window industry.

In fact, Murray who is retiring from Truitt & White on Aug. 21, has more than 43 years experience in the lumber, door and window industries, having worked at a small lumberyard in his hometown of El Cerrito for 10 years before moving up to Truitt & White.

“It was a no-brainer,” says Murray about applying for the job at Truitt & White. “I just wanted to work for a good company and they were a good company. In fact, in my second interview with them I told the interviewer, ‘I’m going to retire with Truitt & White!’ ”

Murray said he’s still doing basically the same job now as he did when he joined the company. When asked if he had a job title, he laughed.

“I’m not into titles,” he said, chuckling. “In fact, they tried to call me a manager about 20 years ago, and I said ‘No way.’ I do door and window sales.”

Born and raised in El Cerrito, Murray worked a variety of jobs before landing at a lumberyard in his hometown, where he would spend the next 10 years learning the trade.

Roger and his wife Debbie were married in 1984 and have two grown sons, one lives in Michigan, the other in Southern California, and two grandkids.

When asked what he would do in retirement, he was quick to respond: “I’m not one to sit around and watch TV!”

He’s a woodworker (no surprise there), so he’s been working on cabinets for his house. He and Debbie love to travel — they’ve been to Europe four times and Australia once — so a road trip isn’t out of the question, especially to Michigan. They have a cabin in the redwoods of Pasadero that always needs work, and he’ll be working on the 110-year-old house the couple lives in, “to stay on top of things.” He also brews his own beer, mostly ambers, red ales, porters and stouts. And, for the past 15 years, he’s biked to work every day, so he’s going to have to find some new routes.

As for how he was able to stay in the same job for 33 years, that’s easy.

“The reason I’ve been at Truitt & White for 33 years is, if you have good co-workers and good bosses, why would you want to leave?” he said. “And I have great customers. I have amazing clientele, a great group of contractors.”

Window & Door Sales Veteran Roger Murray Retires from Truitt & White after 33 Years