Improve Your Home: 10 Weekend Projects

Spring brings the perfect opportunity to improve your home. Here are 10 weekend projects to accomplish it this spring.

1. Install beaded boards

Beaded boards add a traditional touch to kitchens and bathrooms. Cut holes in the boards or sheets for outlets, phone jacks, and other...

6 mind-blowing ways the Dynamic Dome is beating the competition

1. Yes, It Harvests Light

The dome's sidewalls are engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods, which would be morning and evening.

It does this so it can harvest the most sunlight to transfer indoors.

The Dynamic Dome also had a growth spurt...

The Rise of The Traditional Home

In an age of Houzz and Pinterest, an unprecedented online buzz on both contemporary and traditional home design has inspired an openness to merging two distinctly different styles.

Inevitably, savvy homeowners tend to think, "I like parts of both."

Welcome to the transitional...

Joe Hurlimann, Truitt & White Employee Has Passed

Joe Hurlimann was Truitt & White's longest running employee, with more than 60 years with the business. He began working for the family-owned building materials company in the late 1950s, when he was still in high school.

Hurlimann, who was 78, had a basket attached to the back of his...

This Old House, Generation Next to Benefit mikeroweWORKS

In 2017 mikeroweWORKS is going to give away a lot of work ethic scholarships. We're not sure how many yet, but so far they have raised over $500,000, and they think that there is a lot more on the horizon. Along with the generosity of...