How to Choose A Front Door Color

Perhaps a sunny yellow one at a friend's house makes you feel especially welcome at a cottage-style home. Or, that bright red front door on a neighbor's house lends trend-forward detail to an updated ranch.

The Modern Bucolic

A backcountry house gets the modern treatment with bold vistas and exceptional energy efficiency.

Architect Greg Wiedemann, who completed the project with his firm Wiedemann Architects, describes the house as "a modern...

Windows That Expose Your Bathroom To Light Without Exposing You

Windows offer up a practical and, depending on the size of the project, budget-friendly way to add attractiveness and extra light to your bathroom.

See several window ideas that'll expose your bathroom to light without exposing you.

Are you ready to install new windows in your...

Truitt & White Kicks Off Tool Week

What's better than shark week? Tool week at Truitt & White!

Truitt & White is proud to announce it's first ever “Tool Week” featuring some of the leading power tool manufacturers coming right here to the Bay Area. This week you'll be able to touch, feel and experience the great...

7 Home Renovations You'll Get Your Money Back On

We may have year-round pool weather here, but building your dream pool might leave you underwater - they're usually home reno money pits.

Instead, here are the best fix-ups that almost always increase your home's value.

You might miss this focal point since, well, it's hiding in...