Mercury Thermostat? Recycle it today!

How to identify a Mercury Thermostat: 

If the thermostat uses a dial or lever, odds are it contains mercury and needs to be recycled. Containing between 3 and 12 grams of mercury, thermostats are likely the device in homes that have the most amount of mercury today.

1.     Examples of mercury thermostats include:Thermostat

2.     Look for the mercury bulb inside.

3.     If the thermostat has mercury, it needs to be recycled. It’s the law.* Just put the entire mercury thermostat in the green TRC collection container.

*Disposal bans apply in the following states: CA,CT,FL,IA,IL,ME,MA,MN,NY,NH,OR,PA,RI and VT.

If you have a mercury thermostat that needs to be recycled, visit Truitt & White's drop-off location.