Our Top 10 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Whether you're looking for a quick fix or a total change of scenery, a fresh coat of paint can always help change the overall tone of a room.

But painting a room is a big decision: There are infinite colors and hues to choose from, and it's a choice you'll have to face every day for years to come. While a bold, unexpected color can feel like a fun choice now, you may eventually want something that's guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

One way to help narrow down your hunt for the perfect hue is to check out the best-selling paint colors at top companies. Each year, major paint manufacturers (including Benjamin Moore) reveal their most popular and top-selling colors. So if you want to know what people around the world have been opting for, the list is a great place to start.

From easygoing neutrals to the best-selling blue, you can't go wrong with any of these populist favorites. So, those difficult paint decisions just got a lot easier.


When painting a room, there are a number of reasons to consider sticking to neutral colors.

Not only are neutrals relaxed and visually restful, but they offer an ideal foundation to be decorated upon. In fact, neutral colors can match nearly any design style without creating business -- even additional patterns, textures or color palettes.

So if you have a grand design vision for your newly painted living room, neutral colors may give you more creative freedom.

Keep reading to learn the top five neutral Benjamin Moore interior paints.

1. White Dove

  • A go-to choice for mouldings and trim, this classic, softly shaded white sneaks into the top spot by pairing easily with others. Described by Benjamin Moore as “light and luminous,” White Dove is a perfect complement to various shades of gray including Cheating Heart, Silver Lake, Yukon Sky and Horizon Gray.

2. Chantilly Lace

  • At first glance, the name “chantilly lace” might feel too poetic for a paint. However, one look at this crisp, clean white is enough to realize it’s worthy of the title. Not only does this shade of white -- the second most popular -- evoke images of pure silk, but it’s delicate and refined enough to finish off any room. For an intimate look, pair it with Spring Violet or Ice Formations. If darker is what you’re looking for, consider Wrought Iron or Sweet Innocence.

3. Simply White

  • Coming in at third is a clean, crisp white that seems to never go away -- probably because it’s fit for such a wide variety of functions. Whether you are finishing trims, ceilings or even painting your walls, this classic shade can deliver a look as fresh as the first snowfall. Pair it with grays (such as Silver Song or Pilgrim Haze) or blues (Viollet Mist or Westcott Navy) to achieve a timeless look that does not overwhelm.

4. Cloud White

  • The name says it all: This shade is lightweight and subtle enough to turn any room into a cloud-like sanctuary. Still, that doesn’t mean it is not sophisticated as well. Pair grays and a touch of color (think Westcott Navy with Gentle Gray, or Yukon Sky with Brushed Aluminum) to turn Cloud White into a classic statement shade.

5. White Heron

  • The last of the best-selling neutral colors is from Benjamin Moore’s Off-White collection. Each of the 152 paints in this aptly-titled collection comes with a slight deviation from white, and White Heron is no different. The subtle nuances give this shade an extra breath of character, making it especially suitable for tranquil, sophisticated spaces. For a finished look, consider pairing it with a statement grey such as Cheating Heart, Silver Lining, Sweatshirt Gray or Silver Song.

Beyond Neutrals

Of course, there is also a wide range of lively, sophisticated Benjamin Moore finishes that live beyond the realm of neutrals. Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or simply liven a room, a splash of color can go a long way.

According to design experts, it’s best to think of your home as a tree with branches -- Your main living space is where the neutral colors should be, but other rooms can be considered the 'branches’. This is where you may want to experiment with non-neutral colors.

Keep reading to learn the top five non-neutral colors from Benjamin Moore.

6. Palladian Blue

  • This soft, airy shade of blue combines the color of the sky with a touch of mother pearl. It offers a calm and relaxed look suitable for nearly any room, and it pairs well with earthy tones such as Brandy Cream, Woodmont Cream, Rural Earth and Witching Hour.

7. Hawthorne Yellow

  • Subtle yellows can achieve a perfect blend of liveliness and conservative style. For example, this color offers a historical look, reflective of traditional architecture, but also works beautifully in modern or contemporary homes. The slight gray undertone makes it usable in any room and pairable with lively hues such as Blue Nose, White Diamond, Cypress Green or Ivory Tusk.

8. Saybrook Sage

  • This classic, neutral green is part of Benjamin Moore’s iconic Historic collection -- A group of 191 time-honored hues that comprise their most popular palette. Steeped in tradition, it’s a timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces. For a finished look, pair Saybrook Sage with Smoke Grey, Rock Candy, Sierra Spruce or Ultra White.

9. Shaker Beige

  • Grey undertones are not the only way to achieve a relaxed, yet colorful, look. This mid-toned tan evokes the elements of a lazy beach hideaway—smooth sand, polished wood and total sun-kissed bliss. Combine it with bolder browns -- such as Chocolate Pudding, Branchport Brown or Stardust -- to create an inviting, laidback space.

10. Proposal

  • When we think of wedding bells, we think of sweet, romantic shades. Unsurprisingly, this sugary, soft pink is no different. Evoking thoughts of of bridal veils and rose petals, Proposal pairs with Hint of Mauve, Night Horizon, Seaside Sand and Cream Froth to achieve a subtle, yet sugary appeal.

Getting Started

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