Best Bay Area Lumber Yards

Whether you’re new to woodworking or a veteran DIYer, shopping at a lumber yard can be overwhelming. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, or how to ask for it, it’s easy to become lost in the endless options. 

    Don’t be deterred.  There are many advantages to shopping at a Bay Area lumber yards. From the variety of wood products to the expert staff - our lumber shop is far more specialized than any big box hardware store.

    At Truitt & White, we proudly house one of the largest Bay Area lumber yards.

    Plus, our professional staff can walk you through the entire process to ensure that you are selecting the right materials for your project.

    Located in the heart of Berkeley and staffed by a knowledgeable team, our lumber yard has been meeting the needs of greater San Francisco for more than fifty years.    

    Keep reading to learn what makes Truitt & White the best lumber shop in the area!

1.    Expert Staff

•    If you wanted an opinion on fixing cars, would you seek out a qualified mechanic or just speak with a sales rep at the dealership? Since lumber yards specialize in wood, our dedicated professionals deal with lumber all day, every day. So if your project requires a certain level of guidance or expertise, the staff at Truitt & White will know exactly what you need.

2.    Unmatched Selections

•    Unlike traditional hardware stores, our Bay Area lumber yard stocks endless stacks of wood-related products from a variety of species. Sure, you can usually get the basics at the big box stores. But if you want something specific – say, a Redwood 2x6 -- come see us at Truitt & White for all your redwood lumber needs.

3.    Fair Prices

•    As experts in wood-related products, the staff at our lumber yard is extremely well-versed in the business of wood. This business includes purchasing wood at reasonable prices, so we can ensure that our customers can do the same. Of course, price always varies with different types of wood. However, regardless of style, the price will be fair at our Bay Area lumber yard.

4.    Green

•    Despite having been around forever, lumber yards are among the most environmentally-friendly businesses in existence. In fact, almost nothing goes unused at our Bay Area lumber yard: Every material is utilized, and every product is organic, emission-free and 100% recyclable. 

5.    Proper Care

•    At the end of the day, local lumber yards just take better care of their wood than big box stores can. At our Bay Area lumber yard, wood IS the product, so our entire staff respects and understands it. They are aware of the conditions under which wood rots or thrives and they ensure that it is always stored properly.