6 mind-blowing ways the Dynamic Dome is beating the competition

1. Yes, It Harvests Light

The dome's sidewalls are engineered to closely match the angles of the sun during low-light periods, which would be morning and evening.

It does this so it can harvest the most sunlight to transfer indoors.

The Dynamic Dome also had a growth spurt as compared to other commercial skylights. It's 30 percent of the total width of the skylight: also, a big benefit to increasing light transmittance.

And if all that wasn't cool, the Dynamic Dome provides 100 percent diffusion - that's 20 percent more light than our competition's design.

2. Tough, Strong, The Hercules of Skylights

Believe it or not, the way we designed the Dynamic Dome with a repeating pattern of ridges and ribs based on the geometry of an octahedron made this dome a force to be reckoned with a devilishly wicked design.

The Dynamic Dome strength is so uncompromising that we shot a 2x4 out of an air cannon at 60fps and... and we set it on fire! see it here.

3. Unmatched Architectural Elegance

Of course, you want the best light transmittance for your space, but you don't want an unattractive dome sitting on top of your building either. 

No need to worry.

The Dynamic Dome is without question a unique design that is an architectural marvel.

4. Condensation, who?

So, you've heard probably that condensation collects within the interior gutter, right? 

Well... that doesn't happen with the Dynamic Dome. It uses a fail-safe proprietary wicking system which removes condensation from the interior to the exterior.

It also comes along with a one-piece inner frame that creates superior durability - no corner welds and it comes with 50-year silicone.

5. Rain... not a worry here today

Just like condensation, customers worry about the threat of inclement weather and how it has the potential to damage a building's roof.

So, what if we guarantee that Dynamic Dome won't do that, would you be interested?

Good - because that's exactly what we can promise.

With an encapsulating design, the Dynamic Dome provides a 100 percent thermally broken skylight frame, thereby isolating interior surfaces from exterior temperatures.

It provides a secure weather seal to the curb to impede air, and bug infiltration.

6. You can't beat the price

So, you're probably thinking, "Dynamic Dome is on a league of its own, so how much is this going to damage my wallet?

It's not. 

We worked and brainstormed to cut cost as much as possible - and we found it.

We are using a high-volume manufacturing process that allows us to ship more skylights per truckload because of the compact nesting nature of the Dynamic Dome.

Costs attached to curb tape and silicone are also estimated because of our dry installation method.

It's the little things but they make a huge difference when it comes to your savings.

So, if you're interested and want to learn about the revolution of the commercial skylight industry, visit our page here.

Source: VELUX