Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Questions & Policies

The balance on you 30-Day Credit Account or for your larger purchases on our Installment Account can be obtained by either contacting our Credit Department (510) 649-2664 or, if in our store, asking for the Credit Manager.

We can process an application for our 30-Day Credit Account generally within 5 days.

Please fax all requests for credit ratings to (510) 548-1302. We will process any request within 24 hours.

Our 30-Day Credit Accounts are assessed an annual interest rate of 18%. All credit accounts are due in full the 10th of the month after the purchase and past due 30 days after our closing date, the 25th of each month. Any balance that remains unpaid beyond the terms of the credit agreement will be accessed the annual rate of 18%.

We require that the authorized cardholder must conduct all credit card transactions.

If you suspect someone unauthorized used your credit account, please contact our Credit Department and give them an invoice number and date. We will research the purchase and attempt to determine who is responsible for the purchase. You will not be responsible for any fraudulent purchases.

Contact any salesperson, cashier or our credit department with the invoice number and date of purchase and we will be able to forward by fax or U.S. mail any requested invoice copy.

All purchase discounts are earned by cumulative tracked purchases on a quarterly basis, or if a given project based on size and scope merits preferred pricing.

Contact our Credit Department by phone (510) 649-2664 or fax any request to (510) 548-1302.

Contact our Credit Department by phone at (510) 649-2664 or by fax at (510) 548-1302 to change the mailing address on your account.

Customer Service

No. We are open Monday to Friday 7:00am to 4:30pm and Saturdays 8:00am to 12:00pm noon.

We are located 1 block west of the 4th Street Shopping Center on Hearst Avenue.

We always accept employment applications and keep them on file for 2 years. When positions become available, we review the qualified applicants on file. If you are interested in completing an application for employment, please visit our employment application page

We maintain a contractor Referral list covering many trades. The building professionals that we recommend are not employees of Truitt & White. All agreements, terms, and conditions are between yourself and whomever you select to perform the work.

We will not make any recommendations on using the Day Labor standing on Hearst Avenue or the surrounding area.

Education & Seminars

Parking for seminars is on Second Street by our Conference Room. Our Conference Room is located at 1817 Second Street, Berkeley, CA.

There is parking both in front of the conference room and in our Window and Door Showroom parking lot.

Most seminars are free of charge, but reservations are required. To view and register for our upcoming seminars, please visit our events page. 

The majority of our seminars are free but pre-registration is required on our events page. If there is a fee associated with a seminar, the information will be posted on the Seminars and Events section of our website.

Refreshments are provided.

Estimates & Ordering

We will not make any recommendations on using the Day Labor standing on Hearst Avenue.

Orders placed on the telephone will only be assembled when the customer arrives at our store.

We accept fax orders at (510) 845-2604. Our response time to quoting faxed orders is the same as the telephone orders we receive. We generally respond within 24 hours to all requests for quotation.

We do not pre-build faxed orders before the client arrives for any will-call orders. We will deliver faxed orders with pre-payment.

We offer a professional level of pricing to individuals or companies who use lumber and building materials in their businesses. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information about the discounts we offer and how to sign up for our professional level of pricing.

Window and door special orders may be picked up at Receiving Department #2 located at:

1805 Second Street Unit 'C'
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 644-2671

All other special orders may be picked up at Receiving Department #1 located at:

1817 Second St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 649-2660

Our Receiving Departments are open Monday - Friday 7:00am - 4:30pm and Saturday 8:00am - Noon.

We have a full-time staff in our lumberyard to load your purchases and to expertly tie down your purchase on your vehicle.

We deliver throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our delivery fees vary by the delivery destination. Generally, deliveries within the Berkeley and Oakland areas have a $35.00 fee. The fees do graduate to more distant destinations in the Bay Area. We deliver all lumber and building materials on our fleet of flat bed trucks, and all windows and doors are delivered more securely in our larger box van vehicles.

When any product ordered is not available at the time of the delivery, our Dispatch Department will contact you. If you discover the missing products while the delivery driver is present, have him contact the Dispatcher for information. We will determine the status of the products and contact you and arrange for a future delivery.

Lumber, Building materials, and Hardware

1817 Second St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 649-2660

Our Receiving Departments are open Monday - Friday 7:00am to 4:30pm and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00 noon.

We only cut lumber that is purchased from our company. Our policy requires that any lumber must be cut to size when purchased, not at a later date.

Please see our Window and Door page by clicking here.

We offer many pre-primed mouldings in stock. All pre-primed mouldings and trim are only available to us from the manufacturers in the 8' and 16' lengths. Our inventory of stain-grade pine mouldings is available in additional lengths ranging from 7' to 16' usually in 2' increments. Please contact our Sales Department for more specific information on the mouldings and trim that will be appropriate for your needs.

We sell our drywall in 4x8, 4x9, and 4x10 sizes only. The thickness varies with the size. Please contact our Sales Department for more specific information on the drywall sizes that will be appropriate for your needs.

We sell CDX Plywood in 4x8, 4x9, and 4x10 sizes only. The thickness varies with the size. Please contact our Sales Department for more specific information on the CDX Plywood sizes that will be appropriate for your needs.

We have a telephone sales department available for price quotations, placing orders for will call, and deliveries. The main line phone number is (510) 841-0511.

We are a Benjamin Moore Paint dealer. We custom color/tint paint as well as mix it for you.

Lumber is ordered in one of two places. Building professionals can go directly to our Contractors Office, which is open and available from 7:00am to 2:30 pm daily. The Contractors Office also offers a minimum selection of routinely needed hardware and related merchandise. If your needs are greater than the convenience of our Contractors Office you can shop in our fully stocked hardware store and place your orders for all of your building material needs as well. We also offer the most extensive Special Order capability in the Bay Area for all of your specialty product needs.

Merchandise Returns

We will accept returns of most products purchased from our inventory. Products for return and all requests for credits must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt. Returns for all products are required to meet the following conditions: Lumber and building materials must be in unused, clean, and saleable appearance. All lumber must be returned in the lengths purchased. All hardware and packaged items must be in its original packaging and be in its original condition.

Return hardware to our Hardware Center located inside the main store. To return lumber, start inside our main store and tell the sales clerk that you have a lumber or building product return. The sales clerk will contact a yard clerk and have you proceed to our lumberyard for product inspection and take possession of the return. You will then return to the store for the refund or credit to be written.

If you don't have your original purchase receipt, bring the product, come into the main store and take a number for service. Please be prepared to provide information regarding the approximate date of original purchase and method of payment. We possibly may require 24 hours to locate your original purchase receipt. Returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Any packaged product that is in sales condition is eligible for return. The only important exception to that would be if the product has a lifespan. For example, an adhesive, caulking or roofing product that has exceeded its lifespan would not be eligible for return. Dated lumber and building materials would be eligible for return by the decision of the Lumberyard supervisor at the time of the return.

Power Tool Repair

Truitt & White is an Authorized Service Center for Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita, Paslode, and Senco. If the repair is minor (switches, cords, cleaning etc.) the service can be performed on site within 1 week. If the repair requires parts or product specific expertise for the repair, we will send it to the manufacturer which will generally require a minimum 2 week lead time.

All tools submitted for repair are received in our Fastener Department within our main store. We will ask you to describe the failed condition of the tool and collect your contact information. A repair work order will be assigned to your tool. Our repair analysis often requires our technicians to disassemble the tool to determine how and what to repair on the tool. We have a $15.00 minimum inspection fee on all power and pneumatic tools. Our policy is to contact you with an estimate for the repair and, with your approval, we will repair your tool. Our estimate will include the parts and labor costs. If you choose not to repair the tool, we will return your tool un-assembled. If repairs are made in-house, generally most repairs can be completed within 1 week, however if we need to send your tool to the manufacturer, consider the lead time for repair to be approximately 2 weeks. We will discuss the repair and lead times when we contact you for your approval for the repair. For more information on our Tool Repair service, please call and speak to one of our power and pneumatic tool specialists.

We do not sell power tool repair kits. All repairs are processed through our Tool Repair Service Department.

The time is usually dependent on the nature of the failure. If the repair is within the scope of service we can offer on site, most repairs should be completed within 10 days. If the failure is beyond the service we can provide, we will contact you and inform you of the need for factory repair in which case we cannot predict the service/repair time until after the factory contacts us.

You will be contacted by our Tool Repair Service Department. All customer contact occurs after 5:00pm on Monday's and Wednesday's regarding the status of your tools.

Additional Questions

This California law was created many years ago with the intent of protecting subcontractors and suppliers from less-than-reputable building contractors. Because of the complexity and scope of this law, both homeowners and builders should be familiar with it.

We do not offer any scrap lumber to the public.

All requests for donations must be made in writing and addressed to 642 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710.

Yes, we will ask that you complete a California Resale card which we will maintain on file for future use.

Our affiliation with ACE Hardware is as a purchasing partner only. Much of our merchandise in our store is ACE branded but we do not participate in the ACE sales and marketing programs. As a result, what you might see advertised on television by ACE will not be available at our store.