How does your Tool Repair work?


All tools submitted for repair are received in our Fastener Department within our main store. We will ask you to describe the failed condition of the tool and collect your contact information. A repair work order will be assigned to your tool. Our repair analysis often requires our technicians to disassemble the tool to determine how and what to repair on the tool. We have a $15.00 minimum inspection fee on all power and pneumatic tools. Our policy is to contact you with an estimate for the repair and, with your approval, we will repair your tool. Our estimate will include the parts and labor costs. If you choose not to repair the tool, we will return your tool un-assembled. If repairs are made in-house, generally most repairs can be completed within 1 week, however if we need to send your tool to the manufacturer, consider the lead time for repair to be approximately 2 weeks. We will discuss the repair and lead times when we contact you for your approval for the repair. For more information on our Tool Repair service, please call and speak to one of our power and pneumatic tool specialists.