Outside Sales

Sam Austin
Window & Door Hardware Specialist
(510) 306-6718

Sam Austin, Window & Door Hardware Specialist  at Truitt & White Lumber Co., literally worked his way to his position from the ground up. Austin, who has now been with Truitt & White for 32 years, started right out of college with a job sweeping the warehouse. “I learned my job from the ground up and I love it,” he says. “I have worked in almost every department and would not change a thing!”

In addition to being the store supervisor, Austin takes care of outside hardware sales, is a certified locksmith and expert problem-solver. “I'm the right and left hand that keeps everything going,” says Austin. “I have stayed 32 years because I am part of the family – I treat customers and employees like family.” 

The family environment extends to his own family. His daughter Dianna worked at Truitt and White — Marvin Design Gallery. “Truitt and White treats my family like their family,” he says.

Even after 32 years Austin has a passion for his job. “My favorite thing is to deal with customers and go out on calls,” he says. “I love learning and this job keeps me learning. Our company team members are so knowledgeable — we take pride in hiring the best and treat everyone with respect.”